I am a Slovak born lifestyle and travel blogger based in the UK.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was curious to see the world. Maps and travel magazines fascinated me. My mom would find me with nose in atlases pointing at places I was imagining being at. ‘I am in America mummy!’

I kept dreaming of visiting different countries, exploring new cities and walking down sandy beaches ‘when I grow up’. So as soon as I did, I fled the nest and visited some incredible places such as Monaco, Martinique, French Guiana and Hong Kong.

Travel is the best education in the world! 

When we travel, we are fascinated by history. That same history that put us to sleep in the classroom, all of a sudden springs to life when we are standing by a historical monument, experiencing it with our own eyes. Everything we learned instantly becomes clear. Our minds are opened to different ways of thinking. And that fuelled my wanderlust.

Travel is about finding connections and similarities in places and people that you originally thought were so different. So far, I have visited 30 countries and have fallen for half of them. Some, over and over again. 

Apart from travel, I love photography. Love how pictures capture a moment in time and you can look back and relive it immediately. There’s something about taking photos and writing that I find incredibly satisfying, and therefore see my blog as an amazing platform to share photos of my travels and life experiences with you.

I have cooperated and worked with some leading hotels, restaurants and brands. Glee of Life is a source for inspiration that not only covers travel and hotel reviews, but restaurants and beauty too. I hope everyone will find their Glee on here.

Welcome to my online diary and thank you for following my adventures.

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