18 September 2018

Visit Štrbské Pleso in Summer

The breathtaking Tatra National Park (TANAP) in the north of Slovakia, is a unique protected area of flora and fauna among the tallest European mountains situated north of the Alps, natural habitat to many animals such as brown bears, marmots, chamois and eagles. The park contains more than 100 beautiful alpine lakes, several waterfalls and heaven-touching mountains, making it the hiking haven for visitors.

Štrbské Pleso with altitude of 1,346m is the most visited lake in High Tatras with its captivating raw beauty all around. It is the perfect location and starting point for walking and hiking trips all around Tatra Mountains.

What To Do


Rent a small rowing boat for a different perspective of the magnificent scenery around you.
Cost: 18 euros for a small and 23 euros for a larger boat. For additional 20 euros, you can hire an oarsman (handy for couples or solo travelers wanting an extra pair of hands for rowing and photos).


With luscious landscape, pine woods, fresh mountain air, a leisurely stroll around the tarn is a magical way to start a day. Go at sunrise to get the whole place to yourself for an uninterrupted me time. Sit back and escape the stress of daily life.


Touring on a bike is a fun way to explore with plenty of moderate to challenging cycle paths to choose from. Check our all available routes here.


Take a chair lift from Štrbské Pleso to Horská Chata pod Soliskom (Chateau Solisko), set at 1,840 metres above sea level and directly on the Solisko ski slopes. Or hike up - it is a challenging hike at times, but with few berry refuel stops, the views along the way and from the top are all worth the effort.
Horská Chata pod Soliskom - the chalet was built as a shelter for skiers and rock climbers offering bed and breakfast in extreme weather conditions. Beds are limited so book well in advance. You can enjoy delicious homemade meals, cakes and refreshments with incredible panoramic views of Štrbské Pleso and the surrounding valleys.

Skok Waterfall
10km round hike from Štrbské Pleso train station following yellow hiking trail to Skok, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region.

Popradské  Pleso
Second most popular glacier lake in High Tatras. You can get there on foot from Štrbské Pleso following the red trail all the way up to the lake for spectacular views of the neighboring mountains.
Belianska Jaskyňa 
The only cave open to public in Tatra National Park.
Distance: 30km
Cost: 8 euros

Bachledka Treetop walk in Belianske Tatras
32m high observation tower and walk between the trees, another fantastic way to soak up the beauty of Slovakia.
Distance: 40km
Cost: 9 euros

Lomnický Štít
Take a train from Štrbské Pleso to Tatranská Lomnica. Hop on a cable car to Skalnaté Pleso, then another to the top of Lomnický Peak reaching the height of 2,634m above sea level for panoramic vistas as far as the eye can see.
Distance: Štrbské Pleso to Tatranská Lomnica is 20km
Cost: 44 euros to Lomnický Štít. Tickets sell quicker than hot cakes, buy them as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.
You can also spend a night at Lomnický Peak. At 300-400+ pounds a night per person, it is extremely expensive but undoubtedly once in a lifetime experience to dine and spend a night under the stars.

There are about 600km of very well marked tourist trails in High Tatras between June and November taking tourists to the most beautiful corners of Slovak Tatra mountains.

Slovakia, the gift that keeps on giving!


Excellent bus, train and tramp links to Tatranská Lomnica, Starý Smokovec and Štrba (for direct trains to the Poprad airport or Bratislava)

Where to stay

High end: Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras (my full review here)
Mid-range: Hotel Solisko or Hotel Patria
Budget: Penzión Pleso

Where to eat

Grand Restaurant - Kempinski's high standard restaurant with exceptional gourmet food.
Furkotka Restaurant or Koliba Patria - to discover traditional Slovak dishes such as Makové Šúlance
(potato dumplings with poppy seeds) or Vyprážaný  Syr (deep fried cheese).

Discover the smallest grand, and impossibly beautiful, mountains in the world!



  1. Anonymous21.9.18

    Great place to visit, hoe one day I will too. Tina

    1. I hope you will get to visit it, you will love it.


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