23 July 2017

Thrilling Boat Ride on Thames

Fancy doing something different in London this summer? Perhaps a bit of sightseeing combined with a high dose of adrenaline rush?

Let me take you on a ride.

Last weekend, I was invited by Thames Jet to give their high-speed jet adventure through the heart of London a go.

2 July 2017

My Guide To... Athens

Athens is a sprawling city settled among seven historic hills and surrounded by beautiful mountains. I was looking forward to exploring the birthplace of Western Civilisation and visiting all archaeological gems for a very long time.

It is quite incredible to think, Athens is a city that was born over 2,000 years ago. Even now the past hangs above the city, literally, in the shape of the incredible Acropolis dominating the city skyline.

If you’re wondering what the must-see places in Athens are, the list of places is immense – from historic places to modern architecture, Athens simply has so much to explore!
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