23 June 2017

Kefalonia Grand Hotel, Argostoli

Last stop of my Greek adventure was Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia.

I stayed in Kefalonia Grand Hotel, a small luxury hotel in picturesque location overlooking the port of Argostoli.

18 June 2017

Emelisse Hotel in Fiskardo, Kefalonia

After a few very cultural and fun days in Athens, it was time to fly to Kefalonia, the largest island in the Ionian Sea for my best friend’s wedding.

There was some me-time to be had first. One flight and a taxi ride later, I arrived in Fiscardo, a picturesque harbor village on the Northern tip of Kefalonia. An island of rugged mountains, towering cliffs, and golden beaches.

Let me introduce you to the Emelisse Hotel.

17 June 2017

Herodion Hotel, Athens

After having the most relaxing time just outside of Athens, we were ready to be right in the middle of the buzz of the city. We stayed at Herodion, beautiful hotel where modern design meets rich historical heritage. Work of contemporary Greek artists are present everywhere, from sculptures, photography to paintings.

Look at this masterpiece ‘Fingerprints’ by Christina Sarantopoulou standing proud right at the entrance. I love how it represents the sense of Herodion personal touch and the individuality of each guest that comes through the hotel door.

15 June 2017

Life Gallery Hotel, Athens

When it came to choosing a hotel in Athens, I wanted a relaxing place to hang up my hat after the craziness and heat of the city, so after an extensive research on best boutique and unique hotels Athens had to offer, Life Gallery was a clear winner.
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