6 May 2016

Exploring Palma de Mallorca

Despite having less than 48 hours in Palma, we wanted to see as many unique shops, art galleries, cultural sites as possible, and try all traditional food.

Mainly grapes. Served in a wine glass.

After we dropped our bags off at the hotel, we headed out to explore.

Naturally, one of the main attractions is the Cathedral de Mallorca (La Seu) standing proud by the seafront. It was built between the 13th and 17th centuries, but the famous architect Antoni Gaudí redesigned parts of the interior in the early 20th century. Magnificent.

The gardens and surroundings are just breathtaking.
Our home was Palacio Ca Sa Galesa Hotel (read about my stay in my previous post) located right next to and with the best views of, the Cathedral. Gothic masterpiece dominating the city's waterfront.

We spent a couple of hours just listening to birds chirping away, breathing in the sea air and soaking up the Mediterranean sun cheering to beautiful friendships and endless adventures. 
Just behind the hotel is Palma's old town. You can slip away from the crowds into a labyrinth of cobbled lanes leading to shops, outdoor cafes, hidden courtyards and traditional restaurants pausing for fresh helado from time to time.
Every corner was a photo-worthy spot.

The weather was glorious so we chose to have lunch at Mar de Nudos in the marina, great for admiring the superyachts (or the handsome owners).
Modern and incredibly stylish with beautifully presented food, a mixture of Spanish, Italian and Japanese cuisine.
Sadly, the service was absolutely appalling which was a real shame as we had a really lovely lunch otherwise. 

It would be very rude not to drink Sangria when in Spain, right? With so much fruit in it, one should classify it as fruit salad. 
And eat paella, tortilla, patatas bravas, chorizo washing it down with more Sangria. Ole!

The nightlife was vibrant without any of the awful karaoke bars and hen parties, or at least we didn't come across any.
And oh boy, did the city of open horizons and azure skies blew me away.

Cultural, stylish and bursting with life.

I thoroughly enjoyed Palma and will definitely visit again. Fantastic for foodies, fans of history and culture. 

Next stop of our journey, we headed to an exclusive oasis of calm which I cannot wait to tell you about.



  1. Anonymous7.5.16

    Awesome photos. Palma looks lovely

    1. Fantastic city, definitely to be added on the bucket list! x

  2. Heeral10.5.16

    Awww, seeing the amazing pics makes we want to go back... and have that mango ice-cream again ;)! Lovely place with such vibrancy... highly recommend! x

    1. Definitely go back, there are so many more flavours of ice cream to explore ;)

  3. The pictures seem to be very beautiful. This is one of the beautiful places of Roman settlements. I'm very eager to visit this place in Spain even once in a lifetime.
    Palma de Mallorca

    1. Hope you will, it's a great place to visit.


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