17 October 2015

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition and Closing Party

Couple of days ago I went to see Louis Vuitton's Series 3 exhibition.

We discovered the inspiration and design for the autumn 2015 women show, which I wanted to share with you non-Londoners.

The place was heaving with very happy owners of LV creations. 

And it was absolutely fascinating to see what goes into creating their bags. 

30 hours of love, precision and skills are put into forming one of LV arm candies.

We were invited to their exclusive closing cocktail reception. Champagne and cocktails were flowing and the DJ brining the roof down, we had an absolute blast.

Fabulous show and party Louis Vuitton.

Londoners, you still have a chance to visit. Show ends tomorrow, Sunday 18th October so head over to 180 Strand between 10-6pm to experience LV Series 3, sadly minus the party but I promise you'll enjoy!


  1. Anonymous19.10.15

    I am obsessed with LV, this is so cool!

  2. Wow!.. This is Amazing!..

    Good vibes, Fox
    check out my latest Vlog


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