1 June 2015

Camel Riding in Marrakech

Day 2 in Marrakech, we ventured out for a little adventure exploring the desert and Palm Grove of Marrakech from a camel's back.

We arranged a trek with Dunes and Desert Exploration who picked us up from our Riad at the agreed time and drove us to the Palm Grove 30 minutes away from the Medina.

And these beautiful creatures were patiently waiting for our arrival.

It was an overall two-hour ride through the Palm Grove and surrounding Moroccan countryside.

It was the hottest day during our 4 day stay of 35 degrees and I didn't think I would manage the heat but it was actually fine - I covered myself in SPF50, put on cheich (protective turban veil) and ensured I had my little lifesaver on hand - Aveda botanical face mist to keep me cool and hydrated.

You wouldn't expect riding a camel would be that hard but let me tell you, my legs and backside were hurting for two days. When we stopped for a break of delicious mint tea and crepes with honey, we were quite honestly relieved.
The camels were very friendly. I made friends with one and kept stroking her nose and when I stopped, she kept nudging me to carry on. Very demanding.
Some were more fashionable than others.
This one-month-old baby Maya was so adorable and looking for her mommy to be fed at any given opportunity.

The guides were friendly and very funny, we kept singing along and made jokes. They were willing to take pictures with our cameras and also took professional photos that we could purchase. One of the leaders kept encouraging the camels to trot - what fun! 

An unforgettable experience and highly recommended excursion to anyone up for a fun cultural experience. Check out their website here, they'll find everything from mountain/quad bikes, trekking to balloon rides!


  1. Anonymous1.6.15

    THis looks like fun! Great post, love the photos :)

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  3. Nice post! I like your pictures

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