22 February 2015

Chinese New Year Celebrations in London

Today, London was celebrating Chinese New Year, or 'Spring Festival', the biggest celebration outside of Asia and I couldn't possibly miss out on it.
This year is the Year of Sheep or Wood Goat, depending where you are in the world and it promises to be rich in positive emotions. The new year marks the beginning of the spring, the rebirth of the Earh.
Thousands of people joined in China Town and Trafalgar Square for a day long celebration of chinese music, dance, tradition, crafts and most importantly, at least for me, the food. 

Warning! - picture heavy.

I was glad I went early while the sun was out. The clouds started to gather together after lunch which only meant one thing - rain. So I decided to leave, even though it meant missing out on the fireworks, but it's not much fun battling through huge crowds soaked to the skin (as I forgot my umbrella). Better dry than sorry.



  1. Anonymous23.2.15

    Wonderful pictures, must have been a great experience. So many people!!!

  2. the celebrations look awesome :D


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