27 July 2014

Sun, sea and beautiful Spanish views

Lacking sun, vitamin D, and good excuse for drinking at lunchtime, I jetted off to España.

I stayed close to Puerto Banús, which I am sure need no introduction. Exclusive place full of beautiful people, designer shops, expensive cars and a port full of very big boy toys.

Nice place, but myself, I prefer undeveloped, unspoiled, less pretentiouc and more chilled places, like...

Tarifa. Small town on the southernmost coast of Spain. Place where the sea meets the ocean, where the mountains tower over the coastline of the Costa de la Luz, and where you can walk on the 10km long white sandy beach without bumping into another person.

But first, we enjoyed lunch with a view.

More of a liquid one, I know.

The view was SPECTACULAR, don't you agree?

Buzzing with excitement and slightly light headed, we run straight to the beach to take a dip.
Stiff Atlantic winds draw in surfers, windsurfers and kite boarders in hundreds!
Great view of Morocco.
This road trip with my sister from another mister was unforgettable, so was the most amazing view Tarifa had to offer while drinking perfectly chilled wine, listening to music, swimming in the Atlantic ocean, feeling the sand between my toes. I salute you Tarifa!

I spent few days chilling by the pool reading books, this one was The Goldfinch. Worth a read. Even had a company of two feathery swimmers.
Relaxed, recharged and with stress left behind me, I was ready to return to London. But, not until a visit to Sierra Blanca; at 300 metres above sea level I knew the views would be amazing.

Driving up, we saw some serious mansions and villas.
I was lucky to spend a day in one, by the pool, surrounded by olive and palm trees, La Concha behind me, with views of Marbella, Gibraltar and Morocco. I was, for once lost for words by the natural beauty that surrounded us.....
Even the duck was quiet.

Did you know that duck's quack does not echo?


  1. Anonymous2.8.14

    Stunning views. Lovely post

  2. I really like your blog, posts are always so well written and capturing :) Lovely post, dreaming of a holiday now!

    1. Thank you for your sweet message Ruth. I always dream of a holiday! :)

  3. Jeeeees, what amazing view from the top! Three countries from ONE place!

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