15 June 2014

Kensington Palace & D-Day at the Royal Albert Hall

London was graced by seriously glorious weather last week, so ahead of D-Day remembrance in the evening, I decided to have a little wander around the Hyde Park.
I sat down, had a naughty Magnum (shhhhh) and watched people pass by. 
It was heaving with walkers and strollers
and some very active people.
I was actively soaking up the sun.  Days like this don't come along often here you know.

I made my way towards Kensington Palace, residence of the Royal Family since the 17th century. Beautiful place surrounded by magical gardens, if you haven't been you absolutely must pay a visit this summer.
This wasn't little George playing in his front garden by the way.

If I can't live in Kensington Palace, this house overlooking Hyde Park would absolutely do.
Keep calm and carry on dreaming.
 Final destination of the day was the Royal Albert Hall, one of the world's most famous stages.
I was invited to attend the D-Day, 70th Anniversary of the Allied Forces landing in Normandy on 6 June 1944.

Around 156,000 soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy in the biggest sea-borne invasion in military history. Known as Operation Overlord, the mission was to take back France from the invading Germans moving inwards from the coast. The soldiers stormed the coast from Saint-Marie-du-Mont to Ouistreham, taking thousands of casualties. The ensuing Battle of Normandy lasted for 80 days as the Allies repelled the German forces. The biggest celebration was in Normandy attended by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, where World War veterans were honoured with commemorative services and parades.
Amazing stories, orchestra, beautiful performances by Beverly Knight and Catherine Jenkins, it was moving. There was a long standing ovation, not only for those on stage but everyone that did not make it 70 years ago.

My Remembrance Day.



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    Must have been a great experience. Nice


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