18 April 2014

FashTech Event at Net-a-Porter

Couple of days ago I attended very interesting FashTech event at Net-a-Porter HQ. Certainly the best office with chandeliers, fresh cut roses and sleek interior I have ever seen.

I would happily work here. Very happily.
Net-a-Porter is premier online luxury retailer offering access to the hottest looks from the best designers. You can explore TheOutnet, where they sell stock from previous season at discounted price! If you are interested to see how it all started, this is a great article to give you the insight.

The guest speaker was Sarah Watson, Group Mobile Manager from Net a Porter who spoke about the Collision of Fashion and Technology along with Nancy Tilbury the founder of Studio XO who has been the creative designer for many of Lady Gaga’s costumes.
And that's how The Netbook was born. It offers a unique shopping experience, connecting you with other stylish women peaking into their wardrobes.

"By seeing what your friends are ‘loving,’ you may turn up something that you might never have found otherwise,” Sarah Watson explained. The application, which is sponsored by Stella McCartney, is invitation only, hopefully not for long.
It was a great opportunity to get inspired, network and understand the ‘fashion technology’ bit more.

It was co-hosted by Skadoosh and Cortexica, covering emergence of Wearable Technology and iBeacon. Very interesting ideas were shared. 
If you are interested joining next time, see below dates of next gatherings which are free so register now to avoid disappointment:

See you there!


  1. Wow, what sleek offices, they certainly put mine to shame. Interesting idea for an app too.

  2. They have another event on in couple of weeks if you are interested? Imagine what google offices are like!

  3. Truly one of the superb event and interesting idea for an app, wish I could be a part of this event Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Wow, I want!
    I must have been amazing!
    Lots of love, xx



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