3 November 2013

Reconnecting with Nature

Last week, I headed home for some family time.

The weather was warm and sunny so I naturally spent as much time outdoors as possible.
So walk in the forest with my nephew was a must, we picked last few forest berries and wild mushrooms.
Weather was incredible for October so I decided to go for a hike up the close-by hill.

The colors of autumn are so beautiful, definitely my favorite season.
if they could climb....
so could we!
Halfway there. The rock at the top was what we were aiming to reach.

Just a few more steps, few more......

After 3 hours of crazy hills, we got well-deserved rest with the most spectacular panoramic view of the area.
not bad right?!
We visited a little animal farm on our way back. 
These little piglets were too cute, Masha and Basha.
Feeding time. The noise these little pumpkins could make!
It clearly wasn't enough for one hungry sausage who went to check out neighbors food.
The boss soon cleared him off.
The next day we went to explore the surrounding area and came across this beautiful lake.

What a perfect place to reconnect with nature, pure bliss.

I feel recharged and ready to head back to the concrete jungle.

Until next time, bye-bye lovely Slovakia.


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