1 January 2018

2017 Travel Highlights

What an amazing year 2017 has been!

I started the year with a trip to Edinburgh, and ended it with a day in Vienna. I am undoubtedly at my happiest when I'm exploring somewhere new, and I got to do that a lot this year.

6 countries, thousands of photos and a whole lot of memories later, another year of travel is complete.

I ticked four adventures off my bucket list in 2017 - soaking in the Blue Lagoon, seeing the Northern Lights, hiking a glacier and flying in a hot air balloon!

Other special memories from 2017 were spending quality time with my sisters in Prague, hiking Brecon Beacons in Wales (excited to return next year for a 4-day hiking trip), whirlwind weekend trip to ancient Athens with my best friend, seeing Puccini's Madama Butterfly in open air theatre which was simply unforgettable. Attending the most beautiful and love-filled wedding I have ever been to in Kefalonia, falling in love with Fiscardo, a picturesque village on the Northern tip of Kefalonia. Discovering the raw beauty of Iceland and visiting the most awe-inspiring places this country has on offer. Playing board games, watching old movies and going on long walks in the stunning Tatra mountains at Christmas and lastly, revisiting the wonderfully charming city of Vienna just before the end of 2017.

I am so grateful for all the opportunities, small things, big things and everything in between.

Wishing you a year of discovery, magical moments and endless adventures - life is either a great adventure or nothing.

Edinburgh, Scotland
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Athens, Greece
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Kefalonia, Greece
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Prague, Czechia
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Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

Vienna, Austria


Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!



  1. Lucky girl you are! Best of luck for 2018! 😘

    1. Thank you, all the best to you and family xxx

  2. Anonymous1.1.18

    What an awesome year. Happy new year! Ana

  3. Very beautiful. Best of luck for 2018 ;) You can visit Rainy Camping

  4. A fantastic travel list you have added here. Thanks for all the great sites which I have found on here.


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