6 August 2017

Lavender Fields

Stretches of lavender as far as the eye can see, I hear you say: 'This must be Provence!'
Beautiful English countryside at its best instead.

Only 15 miles from Central London is Mayfield Lavender Fields, a family run organic lavender farm located in Banstead, Surrey. 
I did not want to miss this year’s blooming season and visited their 25 acres of purple lavender oasis.

This is what heaven most definitely must look and smell like.
What a beautiful, fragrant and buzzing place of action. Literally.

Busy bumble bees moving from flower to flower searching for pollen. It surprises me when people complain about the bees - of course there are lots of bees, they love lavender!  But remember, you are in their area and they are a lot more interested in the lavender than you or anything else.
Don’t bother taking pictures as soon as enter, by the entrance, as it is very overcrowded! Walk all the way down the lavender rows where you’ll find long stretches of lavender with hardly no-one in sight making it perfect to take photos.

Spectacular views across the fields, full of purples, greens and blues all around. 
You will want to run your fingertips along the endless rows of lavender and do a little twirl  like nobody’s watching.
The calming scent of lavender filling the air, I could have fallen asleep right there. The most idyllic place to get away from it all, switch off and refresh the senses and let the romance of the place sink in. You know, 'stop and smell the roses lavender.'
Their café is a great spot to refuel - try their fresh lavender lemonade, ice-cram or one of their delicious home-made cakes.
Don’t leave empty handed. Stop in their gift full of all things lavender: from fresh bunches, plants, lotions and potions, to jams, shortbread and lemonades.
The actual farm is open only in summer season when the lavender starts to bloom at the end of June to mid September, so make sure you pay them a visit, entry is just £1.

Cheap day out that will leave you feeling very… zen.



  1. Anonymous7.8.17

    So beautiful! What a magical place to visit. Kristina x

  2. Stunning photos. Adding to list of places to visit right now :)


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