15 June 2017

Life Gallery Hotel, Athens

When it came to choosing a hotel in Athens, I wanted a relaxing place to hang up my hat after the craziness and heat of the city, so after an extensive research on best boutique and unique hotels Athens had to offer, Life Gallery was a clear winner.
This chic and stylish hotel in Ekali is only 20 minutes away north of Athens, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city surrounded by tranquil gardens and lush forest.

Let me give you a sneak peak.

Bursting with modern architecture, minimalistic design, plenty of natural elements, arts and luxurious details, the overall feel of the hotel is very sophisticated and serene from the moment you enter the building.
The secluded gardens offer a wonderful haven of peace and tranquillity.
Our Suite was well-appointed and beautifully light,
with large terrace overlooking the pool and garden.
There were super high tech lightings (11 different lighting combinations, all at the touch of a keypad), fantastic shower with 6 jets and blackout electronic curtains.

My favourite part was opening the sliding patio doors out to a huge balcony and breathing in the fresh scent of nature and forest pine trees while enjoying my espresso.
or something more.... sparkling.
After couple of hours of hard chilling by the pool (there are two and one with glass bottom), we were more than ready to finally try some delicious Greek food.
Our first Greek fine-dining experience was in their Kool Life Restaurant which was lovely. Beautifully fresh and flavoursome Greek food full of authentic flavours.
Despite the hotel being on the main busy road, it was relatively quiet. Waking up to birds chirping away and blue skies stretching over the forest was really magical.

I can’t remember last time I felt so, zen.

We padded downstairs for a Greek break-feast in the Kool Life Restaurant, where we dined the night before.
The selection was limited but the quality outstanding so no complaints.

Ekali is residential and affluent area north of Athens, home to many of the country's most powerful business and shipping families. The presence of wealth was quite apparent.

The Orloff Spa, which has been nominated amongst the greatest luxury spa in the world, offers selection of great treatments for body, mind and soul whisking you off into a state of utter bliss.

Superb hotel in most tranquil of settings. Private and luxurious, no surprises the Life Gallery Athens has been voted as one of the best hotels in and around of Athens.

Thank you Life Gallery for supporting me on my visit to Athens. As always, all photos and opinions are my own. To experience Life Gallery for yourself, check them out here.


  1. Anonymous15.6.17

    This hotel looks lovely! Ax

    1. It really is a great hotel A.

  2. Oh wow, a nice hotel to relax in and get away from busy centre of Athens... looks really nice! Kim x

    1. Absolutely. Thanks Kim x

  3. What a stylish hotel! Like it. Looks like you had a great stay huh? :)

    1. Fantastic stay thanks Karl xx

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  4. The hotel looks really great, I must recommend to stay here, Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. It's a great hotel, stylish, luxurious and peaceful. Thanks Kim

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