17 June 2017

Herodion Hotel, Athens

After having the most relaxing time just outside of Athens, we were ready to be right in the middle of the buzz of the city. We stayed at Herodion, beautiful hotel where modern design meets rich historical heritage. Work of contemporary Greek artists are present everywhere, from sculptures, photography to paintings.

Look at this masterpiece ‘Fingerprints’ by Christina Sarantopoulou standing proud right at the entrance. I love how it represents the sense of Herodion personal touch and the individuality of each guest that comes through the hotel door.
A family run hotel for over 40 years, it is apparent customer service and guest’s comfort is their top priority. Everyone was extremely helpful.
Our standard room was on the small side but cosy and with everything we needed. 

The lack of space in our room was soon forgotten about when we saw their rooftop terrace surrounded by olive trees, with a bar and restaurant, jacuzzi and a lounge area to relax with a cocktail or two. And those views!
The perfect place to soak up the views.
We dined in Point A, trendy restaurant which located on 5th floor of the hotel. The cuisine is naturally Mediterranean with traditional Greek dishes with modern twist, really quite special and outstanding (literally!).
Amuse-bouche olive infused ice cream in the shape of olives, very original.
These 'Loukoumades' honey dumplings with manouri cheese were to die for. The mixture of honey and creamy cheese sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds was finger-lickin' good!
The mains were equally delicious.
But, we saved the best for last - chocolate cake with beetroot sauce. Combination I've never tried before that works just beautifully.

Seriously fabulous dessert.
Great selection of local wines, mouthwatering dishes, delicious cocktails under the stars and unbeatable views of Acropolis at sunset, an evening I will remember for a very long time. Add it to your 'must-go-there' places when in Athens, whether is to start your vacation or end a busy day.
A wonderful gastronomical experience in a beautiful historical backdrop. Magical.
Sipping on strong greek coffee at breakfast, we planned our walk through this incredibly historic city, taking on the same paths as Socrates and Plato. Greek civilisation is one of the oldest in the world and we couldn’t wait to get out and explore. Because of the hotel convenient location, we could reach all major attractions on foot within minutes.

Absolutely fantastic hotel full of charm, timeless elegance and ancient influence. You can tell it is a family run business by the exceptional customer service they provide and the extra mile they go to to please their customers by additional services such as Doctor on call, Babysitting or Breakfast/Lunch box.

289 meters from Parthenon temple and 85 to the new Acropolis Museum (I counted), with close proximity to Temple of Zeus and Plaka (the food mecca) and The Acropolis metro station, you must agree Herodion Hotel is the best hotel to stay in Athens. 

Thank you Herodion Hotel for supporting me on my visit to Athens. As always, all photos and opinions are my own. To experience Herodion Hotel for yourself, check them out here.



  1. What an amazing place. I love hotels like this x

    1. Indeed. Really loved staying there x

  2. Good Article. It’s great to know that certain hotels in Greece provide a spectacular view of the iconic Acropolis Athens. I would love to get my stay materialized at one such hotel on my next trip to Athens.


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