20 September 2016

Magical Sunrise and New York Café, Budapest

I woke up at the crack of dawn.

Unable to sleep, I decided to head out to Fisherman's Bastion to catch the sunrise.

I wasn’t alone, there were other happy snappers eager to welcome the sun and take some hopefully stunning shots. And boy, was it worth it!
Impressive views of the Danube River Danube, Parliament and the twin cities of Buda and Pest unveiling right in front of you and gleaming in golden light. Magic.
The Halászbástya or Fisherman’s Bastion, located in front of the Matthias church is one of the top attractions in Budapest for its panoramic views of the city. Built as a viewing platform in 1905, the bastion’s name was taken from the medieval guild of fishermen responsible for defending this part of the city. The seven tent-like towers symbolise the seven Hungarian tribes that arrived to the Carpathian Basin in 896.

Nothing but a fairy-tale castle, where history meets romance.
Utter silence and morning sun flooding the empty streets, pretty special experience to have the city to yourself. Glad to have experienced it while the city was still asleep and not heaving with crowds (thank you Rosie for the tip, definitely keeping this up on every trip!)
After strolling for hours, I made my way to the Boscolo Budapest Hotel for breakfast.

Luxurious hotel with opulent lobby and glass ceiling letting the light flood in.
On the ground floor, it is the world's famous New York Café that opened in 1894, which used to be the local hangout for writers, poets and artists.

The elegance is evident as soon as you enter.
It felt like I was in Versailles.

The light reflected off crystal chandeliers highlights the frescos of Gusztav Mannheimer and Ferenc Eisenhut dating back to the mid-1800s that covers the ceilings. The marble tiles, the chandeliers, the white tablecloths, everything looks so incredibly glamorous and classy.
The breakfast buffet offers a selection of traditional Hungarian dishes, fresh bread, fruits, and any type of food that tickles your fancy. I would rename it to ‘Break-feast’!
First morning coffee in truly splendid surroundings.
I couldn’t help but stare at the walls and roof admiring the incredible art all around.
The ambience is unbeatable.

Incredible café and worthy of its reputation. Whether you decide on breakfast, afternoon tea, or a romantic dinner with live piano music, you will certainly not leave disappointed. Check their menu here.

I should also mention their Salon Restaurant as it is one of the fine dining restaurants in Hungary which Michelin Guide awarded as Top 10 Restaurant by Dining Guide since 2013.

I strongly recommend to book ahead, especially for lunch and dinner, as this place is very popular, unless you don’t mind queueing.

New York Café
Address: Erzsebet korut 9-11, 1073 Budapest

Fairy-tale kind of morning.

Make sure you pay both of these hidden gems a visit when you are in Budapest!



  1. You were lucky the sunrise was so magnificent :0) Beautiful!

  2. Heeral20.9.16

    Beautiful sunrise with stunning photos capturing it! The breakfast looks lovely too... Added to my list of places when I plan to return again :) xx

    1. Oh thank you, you absolutely should! x

  3. Anonymous21.9.16

    Ohhhhhhh so prettyyyyyyyyy!

  4. Anonymous22.9.16

    That place look incredible, love to visit. so nice. Inez

    1. It really is stunning, definitely visit when you'll get the opportunity Inez x

  5. oh wow, stunning photos. Marta


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