31 July 2016

Ciao Milano!

To be honest, Milan was not on top of my must-visit places, but when the opportunity arose, I was glad I paid this fashionista city a visit. 

Artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, the maestro Giuseppe Verdi, fashion designer Giorgio Armani all lived and worked here. Full of attractions, history, and architectural treasures, there is no shortage of places to admire.
First stop, the grand Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente or simply, Duomo di Milano.

With a capacity of 40,000, it is the fifth-largest church in the world, third in Europe and second-largest in Italy. In true Italian style, construction of the Duomo only took 500 years to build.
The interior is incredibly grand with 52 gigantic pillars dominating the cathedral.
The stained-glass windows in the nave are the largest in the world.

Right next to the Duomo is the world's most glamorous shopping malls, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele where you'll find some of the biggest and most powerful names in the world of fashion, from Prada, Gucci, Versace to Armani.

Buzzing place for window shopping or to have a break from shopping in one of their elegant but ridiculously expensive cafés. 
Take the stairs/lift to the roof for great views of the Duomo and its 3,600 statues and spires.
I walked straight to Piazza della Scala, home to the world-famous opera house and one I forever dreamt of visiting - Teatro alla Scala.
For opera and especially Giuseppe Verdi lovers like myself, it was a dream come true. 

You can visit La Scala's museum and have a peek inside the theatre if you don't manage to get tickets for opera. I watched Aida in Verona's Arena which softened the blow slightly. 

The absolute unmissable attraction is a visit to Santa Maria delle Grazie church to see Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper.
A limited number of tickets are sold each day with each small group being allowed 15 minutes in the room to admire the masterpiece painted on the refectory wall of the former Dominican monastery, representing Christ's last meal with his disciples.
Tickets are as hard to get hold of as front row seats for a Prada fashion show. When I looked on their website two weeks prior to my visit, there was one ticket available on the only day I could visit, so I shall consider myself lucky. I highly recommend doing the same, especially if you travel in high season as the tickets sell like hotcakes. 

With lunchtime approaching, I headed to Bulgari Hotel Milan tucked away on a private street right in the heart of the city for a meeting.

Beautiful and modern, surrounded by private gardens, it is a little oasis of calm if you want a break from all the hustle and bustle of the city. 
I was invited for lunch on their terrace. Great place for spotting the best suited and booted and well-heeled in the city.
This spaghetti dish with tomato sauce, goat cheese, and grated lemon has been on the menu for over 11 years and I am not surprised. It was fantastico!
Sneaky peek into their Bulgari Suite blew me away. So incredibly elegant and opulent with private terrace offering amazing views of the Botanical gardens. I wish I could stay live there. 

Check it out on their website.

I endlessly walked and walked, exploring the city's hidden gems, admiring the beautiful architecture and occasionally stopping for a shot (of espresso).
The next stop was The Castello Sforzesco which houses the Musei del Castello Sforzesco, a series of museums where you'll find the Pietà Rondanini, Michelangelo's last masterpiece or other prehistoric antiques and paintings by Mantegna, Foppa, Lotto or Antonello da Messina.
Right next to it is Parco Sempione, lush green park if you feel like having a break from it all.
World-class shopping, thriving cultural scene and bursting with history, Milan has something for everyone. 

What did you enjoy most about Milan?



  1. I loved Milano, such a vibrant city. And my favourite place was the Duomo for sure ;)

    1. Duomo is something one should never miss seeing on their visit to Milan :)

  2. Anonymous1.8.16

    Great photos, thanks for sharing.

  3. Love this post, stunning.

  4. Anonymous22.8.16

    Your fotos are awesome


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