1 September 2013

Balthazar in London

My girlfriend suggested to have a breakfast at Balthazar, London Covent Garden's sibling of the famous Manhattan 's French brasserie.

This place has definitely great deco and ambience. We went for a breakfast on Saturday morning, despite only having offered 10am slot, the place was still half full when leaving 2 hours later.

Menu has a good variation of different dishes. My scramble eggs were delicious but came with totally burnt toast so asked them to make me a new one. They also forgot to bring my butter, so had to ask for that myself. In my opinion, it is totally overpriced (£8 for scrambled eggs!) and over rated, but I guess you are paying for the atmosphere.

 But, if its good enough for Victoria Beckham, its good enough for me!
I think I will come for either lunch or dinner when the place is livelier and buzzing with action.

Have you been and what is your experience? 


  1. Anonymous2.9.13

    Hello Glee! It looks lovely, need to check it out. Thanks for the tip ;)

  2. Anonymous13.10.13

    Would you recommend or should i give it a miss? Anna

    1. Oh you should definitely visit. Hopefully I will enjoy it more next time round GoL


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